Sports Eyeglasses

See Your Way to Victory and Improve Your Game!

Can you see clearly when you play sports?

                               Are you afraid that you’ll break your glasses while playing?

                                                         Do your glasses stay in place on your face when you run and jump?


Sports Eyewear Adds Eye Safety & Helps Performance

Many of today’s top athletes wear eyeglasses, sunglasses or sports goggles for both eye protection and for vision correction on the field. In certain indoor stadiums or outdoor field environments, sports eyewear may serve be a valuable tool in reducing intense glare caused by overhead lighting or bright sunlight.

Protect your child’s sight. Eye injuries are the number one cause of blindness in children. The vast majority of sports-related eye injuries may be prevented with protective eyewear.

At Downey Eyecare Center we have eyewear solutions for you and your children from Nike and Oakley.