Vision Insurance Plans

We accept most major insurance vision plans and medical vision plans including VSP, Davis Vision, EyeMed, Medical Eye Services, Spectera and many others.


Major Vision Plans

VSP       BlueCross - BlueShield vision insurance            Eye Med       Spectera vision plan      International Longshore Warehouse Union        Davis Vision insurance  MES Vision    Blue View Vision     Versant Health     UHC Vision       Guardian PPO

How Much Will It Cost?

Vision and insurance plans vary and your benefits during the year may vary or have spending limits. We help you maximize the use of your vision plan benefits. We look at your specific coverage and check with your provider to confirm what is available to you. So, please call us to find out about specific eye care and eyewear costs and you and your plan.

Are you asking yourself “How much will my vision care plan pay for exams?”

Are you wondering “What will glasses and contacts cost?”

Call us at (562) 869-1005 to find out how your plan benefits can help to offset your eyecare needs at Downey Eyecare Center. Se Habla Español.

What We Need to Know

We check in advance on what your vision plan benefits are, and how often you are elibible for services and materials. Then, we help to maximize the use of these benefits to give the most value in fulfilling your eyecare needs.

To help you, we’ll need the following information about the person covered (the subscriber or employee) by your vision care plan.

  • name of subscriber
  • subscriber’s insurance ID number
  • birthdate of subscriber
  • social security number of subscriber(sometimes needed)

This information is requested by your vision care company from us so that we can check your eligibility and benefits allowances. Please have this information ready when you call to schedule your appointment. We treat your personal information with great care and keep your data private. We share it only with your vision plan providers and, if necessary, in accordance with Federal HIPAA requirements. See our notice of privacy practices for more.


What’s the Difference Between Health and Vision Insurance?

Your Vision Insurance is separate from your Health Insurance. It’s often from a different insurance provider and covers the annual eye exam necessary to determine if you need an eyeglasses prescription, or a change in the prescription you currently have. Most Vision Insurance has either a moderate allowance for a set of glasses or a fixed dollar amount for contact lens care. Only very rarely are both eyeglasses and contact lenses paid for by your insurance in the same enrollment year. The contact lens coverage typically includes the professional evaluation and a limited supply of contacts.

Your Medical Insurance covers you for anything that has a medical diagnosis. This would include visits for an eye infection, corneal foreign body removal, sudden onset of flashes and floaters, dry eye problems, and chronic or acute allergy issues. Your Medical Insurance would also cover progress evaluations to monitor cataracts, glaucoma and other recurring issues.

We Work with Most Vision Plans and Insurance

Downey Eyecare Center accepts most plans and we work with you to maximize your healthcare benefits. Find your insurer below or call us to learn more.

  • VSP (Vision Service Plan)
  • Medical Eye Services (MESVision)
  • EyeMed
  • Blue View Vision
  • Blue Cross PPO
  • Blue Shield PPO
  • Davis Vision
  • Versant Health
  • Spectera
  • U.F.C.W.
  • Gaurdian PPO
  • UHC Vision

Don’t See Your Plan Listed?

Call us to find out about your situation. Our staff is happy to discuss how your plan supports you a Downey Eyecare Center.

Payment Types Accepted

We accept cash, personal checks, debit cards, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

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We offer financing through CareCredit. Ask during your next visit or call us to learn more at (562) 869-1005.