Designer Sunglasses

    At Downey Eyecare Center, we are committed to making sure that you protect your eyes and look good at the same time. We offer a variety of sunglass frames which can be customized with your prescription to provide you the best vision outdoors.

    Do you have an active lifestyle? Whether you are interested in fashion sunglasses or specialty sports glasses for golf, cycling or racket sports, we have the frames and lenses meet your needs. Visit our office and let our sunglass specialists help you choose the perfect frame and lens to match your lifestyle.

    Top Brand Names in Fashion and Sun Protection

    Sunglasses Brands We Carry

      Prescription Sunglasses

      Get the best quality and hottest fashion sunglasses that match your individual vision prescription. Ask us about which of the styles we carry that can be fitted with custom lenses for your eyes.

      Fashion Brands

      • Burberry
      • Calvin Klein
      • Converse
      • Celine
      • Columbia
      • Dolce Gabbana
      • Dior
      • Fendi
      • Flexon
      • Geek
      • Gucci
      • GX by Gwen Stefani
      • Hugo Boss
      • Jimmy Choo
      • Kate Spade
      • L.A.M.B.
      • Lacoste
      • Longchamp
      • Marc Jacobs
      • Michael Kors
      • Nine West
      • Oakley
      • Prada
      • Ray-Ban
      • Silhouette
      • Spy
      • Tom Ford
      • Versace